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Learn about the advantages and homemade natural air fresheners you can create in your home with everyday items. Good-byes to chemical odors and welcome a clean organic scent, inside your personal zone.

Are you sick of fake aroma in the house? Time to harness the power of nature, make your own natural air freshners! Using natural ingredients is not only going to allow you to indulge in a clean, fresh space, but you’ll experience the benefit as well.

In doing your own DIY air freshener you can make sure what is inside is safe for you and your family! It’s also an engaging and personal way to bring some originality into your living spaces.

Using only some basic ingredients like oil distillates and nature extracts you can easily prepare yourself an array of great fragrances for your own lovely residence. There’s no dearth of choices to make when it comes to DIY air freshener recipes; whether you love invigorating citrus scents or calming floral ones.

So, why choose artificial fragrances when the natural world is at your disposal? “Goodbye” to chemical filled air fresheners and say “hello” to a fresh, naturally scented fragrance that will stimulate your olfactory senses and provide relaxation for all the members of your household.

Benefits of Natural Air Fresheners

In terms of getting a little more pleasant vibes in the room you live in? Natural air fresheners have perks that go way beyond just covering nasty smells. Choosing them means better air quality, less allergy, pollution free atmosphere.

And one of the biggest reasons for using natural air fresheners is their help towards good air quality. Whereas artificial plants give off toxic gases in the air, Natural Air Fresheners made of Organic materials won’t do harm to people or nature. Hence you can have peace of mind that you don’t involve yourself and your family in any harmful substances.

Natural air fresheners assist not only in promoting a healthier environment but also allergy control. Many commercial air fresheners also contain synthetic scents, which can cause allergies and respiratory problems. Natural alternatives including essential oils provide a fragrance free home without any potential for allergies.

Additionally, opting for natural air fresheners is an eco-friendly decision which does good to the Earth. Artificial air freshners produce waste and pollution in their manufacturing and disposal. But what do we really know about these all-natural options? In most cases, they’re derived naturally, from renewable and biodegradable sources which makes them much “greener” (and I guess less plastic-y?).

Then why go for artificial fragrances and harness the Power of Nature with Natural Air Fresheners? Enjoy cleaner air, lower allergy levels, and a non-toxic lifestyle with a healthier home for a better future.

Essential Oils for Fresh Scents

Using essential oils is how you create your very own all-natural air freshener that has an incredible scent and does great things for your health! These oils are plant-based and offer numerous fragrance options. From invigorating citrus-scented oils to relaxing floral scents, find the right essential oil for your taste.

When choosing your homemade air freshener essential oils, you will want to select the most pleasant scents, ones that have an impact on your emotional state and overall well-being. (For instance, because lavender has soothing qualities and works amazingly to create the calmness and peace vibe at home). Conversely, citrusy oils such as lemon and orange can brighten up and invigorate your room — these are good choices for busy spaces.

To help you choose the right essential oils for your air fresheners, here is a list of some popular options and their associated scents:

Lavender: Calming and soothing
Peppermint: Refreshing and invigorating
Eucalyptus: Clearing and revitalizing
Orange: Uplifting and energizing
Geranium: Balancing and floral

Try mixing different blends of eo’s for the scent you desire. These natural air fresheners not only makes your home smells great, moreover, its therapeutic effects would also boost your spirit.

Refreshing Citrus Scents

Learn about the energizing smells of citrus, the natural oil extractions and how to infuse your room with them. They’re also a natural pick-me-up because citrus oils like lemons, oranges, and grapefruits are considered revitalising scents. These oils will be the ideal component for an odor remover spray or a spa candle to fill the environment of your house with freshness and energy.

Mixers allow you to make your own blend of citrus oils creating an original and distinctive fragrance. Something such as the mixture of lemon and orange essential oils would produce a vibrant scent and lift you up in an animated and rejuvenating atmosphere. Alternatively, grapefruit and lime oils can add energy and vibrancy to any space.

With natural citrus scents, you can have the advantage of fresh-smelling homes without using toxic ingredients found in artificial air Fresheners. So let’s tap into nature and fill your home with energizing scents from citrus.

Lemon and Orange Zest Spray

Lemon and orange zest can be used to make an easy and effective air freshener spray. This homemade recipe will make your house smell wonderful — naturally! — with no toxic chemicals or synthetic scents at all.

To make this refreshing spray, you will need the following ingredients:

1 cup of water
1 tablespoon of lemon zest
1 tablespoon of orange zest
Optional: Optional — a couple of drops of lemon or orange EO for scent.


Simmer the water slightly before adding the tea leaves.
To a separate clean spray bottle, add the lemon and orange zest.
Fill the spray bottle with hot water, covering the zest.
Optional: Dilute some lemon or orange essential oil in the water to make it stronger.
Make sure you fasten the cap of the spray bottle and shake it hard to blend everything.
Let them sit for minimum 24 hours and you’ll brew the liquid with a strong citrus taste.
Now you can enjoy your home-made lemon + orange zest spray!

Spray this all-natural air freshener throughout your house for an invigorating, positive fragrance with the scent of zesty citrus. Inhale the scent and luxuriate in your achievement of creating a chemically unpolluted sanctuary for you and your family.

Grapefruit and Lime Diffuser

Get some tips on DIY Natural Home Diffuser with Grapefruit and Lime Essential Oils. Get a burst of zesty and fresh fragrance in your homes with refreshing ambiance. Audiodio Pods.

Making a citrus diffuser with grapefruit and lime couldn’t be easier and works wonders for scenting your room! With these two citrus essential oils blended together you will find yourself in an uplifting room with a fresh clean linen smell to inspire your sense.

To make this natural diffuser, you will need:

It had a small mouth opening in a clear glass vessel.
Grapefruit essential oil
Lime essential oil
Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil for example to use as a carrier.
Rattan reeds or bamboo skewers

Begin by adding carrier oil to the glass container, leave about 1/4 space on top. To make the oil mix, add some drops of grapefruit and lime essential oils into the carrier oil. The number depends on how big/small your essential oil bottle is (and of course if you prefer stronger/weaker scent). Stir the oils together gently.

Now fill the tank with rattan sticks or bamboo rods and let them absorb the fragrant oil. Turn over the reeds/skewers occasionally (every 3-4 days) to keep the perfume fresh. This blend of grapefruit and lime will gradually emit its zesty, revitalizing scent, transforming your space into an uplifting environment.

To disperse this natural fragrance uniformly throughout the house, put the diffuser in another important corner of this space, for example in the hall, kitchen or family room. Relax or work in the rejuvenating atmosphere of this grapefruit and lime diffuser for a natural feel at home.

Calming Floral Scents

Discover calming flowers’ essences and their power to create peace. Creating a serene environment, the fragrance of flowers helps calm you down, letting you relax and find your inner balance. From light and delicate floral essences such as lavender, rose or jasmine which fill your home with calming, relaxing and uplifting aromas, there’s no more natural way to transport yourself into a serene sanctuary than through the use of quality

Look for new combinations of flowers to achieve a mix which tickles your olfactory senses in just the way you want. Blend your favorite essential oils for flowers and create an enhancing and appealing smell at your home. Whether it’s bringing nature indoors into your bedroom or creating a serene environment in your lounge, floral smells will deliver an atmosphere of stillness and peace.

DIY Air Freshener Recipes

Learn how to concoct your own DIY natural air freshener here. With recipes for everything from sprays to diffusion bottles, these simple step-by-step guides will help bring the power of nature into your home.

Making your own air fresheners is a lot of fun and a great way to ensure that the ingredients in your fragrances are exactly what you want them to be. Natural ingredients prevent use of the harsh chemicals and synthetic fragrance found in commercial air fresheners.

DIY air freshener — Spray with essential oils and water. Just blend a couple drops of essential oils with water in a spray bottle — easy peasy. That’s an exhilarating natural room spray you can use in any space in your house.

For something more permanent you could make an oil based diffuser with some essential oils and bamboo reeds. To Make a DIY Lotion — Fill a small glass jar with a carrier oil (such as almond or jojoba) oil, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Add to the jar the “reed sticks” (which are actually little dried sponges) and over time the oil will evaporate, giving off their scent to the room.

Equipped with these simple step-by-step plans youll be able to harness the healing properties of nature in your home and have a fresh new ambiance on daily.

Lavender and Chamomile Linen Spray

Make a gentle and sleep inducing spray with diluted lavender and chamomile essential oils on linen spray. Create your own tranquil hideaway in your bedroom using this recipe.


1 cup distilled water
2 tablespoons witch hazel
10 drops lavender essential oil
10 drops chamomile essential oil


Pour distilled water into the spray bottle with witch hazel.
To this mix add the lavender and chamomile vital oils.
Shut container tightly and vigorously shake contents to combine all ingredients.
Apply the linen spray to your pillow, bedding, and drapes for a relaxing feeling.
Sink into warm bath, surrounded by the calming scent of lavender and chamomile in your bedroom.

Tip: You can also spray them on you clothing and use it as a room spray too for fresh-air all over the house.

Peppermint and Eucalyptus Reed Diffuser

Do you want an organic solution to refresh the air in that room? Check out these scents of peppermint and eucalyptus reed diffuser. This homemade air freshener fills your home with a natural, light scent and offers several health benefits too.

The two essential oils combined will produce a cooling, minty smell that’ll help energize your senses and promote breathability through its calming effects. Eucalyptus oil contains properties known to benefit the respiratory system, reducing congestion and improving breathing while peppermint oil offers cooling action which may alleviate stress and tension headaches.

To create your own peppermint and eucalyptus reed diffuser, you will need a few simple ingredients:

A little container with a tight-fitting lid.
Skewers out of bamboo sticks or skewers for your reed diffusers.
Peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils
An oil base, for example, almond oil or safflower oil.

Simply fill the glass jar with the carrier oil and leave about 1 inch on top. Peppermint and Eucalyptus oil adds in (a few drops) carrier oil and mix it gently. Add the reed diffuser sticks or bamboo skewers to the jar and let them absorb the oil blend. let the oils drip down onto some sticks (sugar is great for this!) let them sit inside for a while then allow the lovely smell to rise as they evaporate.

Allow the breeze and smell of the fresh and minty fragrance to flow into your house, providing a refreshing, calm and invigorating atmosphere naturally with this reed diffusers.

Vanilla and Cinnamon Potpourri

Learn how to create a delightful-smelling potpourri using just vanilla and cinnamon. Create a warming and soothing scent in every room which will create an inviting environment for visitors.

Making your own vanilla and cinnamon potpourri is an easy and fun way to take the edge off of any room with comforting warmth. These two fragrant materials together give out an awesome smell, the aroma is welcoming to homecoming.

To make your own vanilla and cinnamon potpourri, you will need:

1 cup of dried Flowers/Petals (like rose or Lavender).
Ingredient list (to make approximately 2 cups): 1 cup dried citrus peel.
½ Cup of Dried Cinnamon Sticks.
Table spoon of vanilla extract or couple of drops of vanilla essential oil.

First mix all the dry ing. Next, stir in the vanilla extract (or your essential oil) until the fragrance is fully incorporated.

When your blend is done, pour the mixture into a pretty bowl or sachet for each room, add two drops of oil to the inside if desired and display them. Vanilla mixed with cinnamon (and perhaps apple) fills the kitchen with a sweet and homey fragrance, a wonderful sensory addition to create an inviting welcome to your guests, and provide a comfortably warm atmosphere.

Shake out the fresh air of your pot pourri and top up with some drops of vanilla or cinnamon oil if desired. Get to enjoy that aroma, plus the cute atmosphere it adds to your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Advantages of using natural air fresheners.
Advantages of Using Natural Air Fresheners. For one thing, they cleanse the air by taking away smells and substituting them with new fragrances of nature. But secondly they’re healthier for you as well — no potentially dangerous chemicals or toxins involved. Second last, natural air fresheners are eco-friendly, lessening your carbon and supporting an eco way of living.

What essential oils should I use to make new smells?
There are a lot of essential oils out there to make new smells. Others to consider: Refreshing options such as a few drops of lemon, orange or grapefruit oil. Flowers oils like lavender and chamomile are also known to produce an air of calmness and serenity. Try out different combinations and see which smells speak to you.

How to DIY your own all-natural air fresheners?
It’s simple and enjoyable to make your own natural room sprays. Making sprays by mixing essential oil and water OR DIY diffusers by utilising reeds and carrier oil. They include recipes for homemade pot pourris and linen sprays with dried floral arrangements and essential oils. Read this very interesting post and get the easy to follow guide on how to make natural air fresheners to keep our homes smelling fragrant all day long.

Are natural odor eliminators okay for children & pets?
Yes, most of the time natural air fresheners are safe for pets and kids. But you have to be careful with which essential oils you choose because they need to be safe for pets and children. The oil of certain tree varieties including tea tree, peppermint, and eucalyptus is toxic to pets if ingested or used directly on their skin. Before you use oils to make your air freshener, research specifically which ones work on pets, kids, or even family members who may have allergies.

How Long Do Natural Air Fresheners Last?
Natural air fresheners last for long depending to how they’ve been applied and the materials used. A spray may stay around for two to three weeks however a diffuser will have a consistent and long-lasting fragrance of nearly eight months straight. To keep fragrances going in the potpourri and linen sprays this could mean refilling them often or replacing them every month. Try out various recipes & techniques until you land on something that works for your taste buds & how long you’d want the bread to keep up!

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